Athletics Day

Our recent athletics day was an opportunity for participation in sport for all students. We were blessed by good weather, fantastic students and our amazing parent support.
Thanks to all those who collaborated to make this event a success especially Mr Ganda.

Well done to all our athletes- our top students in each year were..
Year 7- Montel Room 5 & Blessing Room 8
Year 8- Silas Room 5 & Faith Room 1

Why athletics day?

Sport is not limited to what happens during four quarters, 50 overs or 80 minutes. There is so much more happening on and off the sports field. Friends and active participation in a sporting environment ultimately has the power to enrich teenagers’ social relationships and improve their social skills.

What are the building blocks necessary to develop participation in sport?

Self regulation: The ability to obtain, maintain and change one’s emotion, behaviour, attention and activity level appropriate for a task or situation in a socially acceptable manner.

Muscular strength: An ability to exert force against resistance.Muscular endurance: Ability of a muscle or group of muscles to exert force repeatedly against resistance.

Balance: The ability to maintain position whether that is static, dynamic (moving) or rotational.

Coordination: Ability to integrate multiple movements into efficient movement.

Receptive (understanding) language: Comprehension.

Self confidence: The child’s belief in their ability to perform a task.