Dance and Drama Group

In Term 1 Week 3  Bruce McLaren Intermediate started doing a weekly activity by the name of Opportunities Day. This included an opportunity called Dance and Drama, where students took part in a performance for a show named the BMIS Fia Fia Night.
 dress rehearsal for fia fia night
dress rehearsal for fia fia night
The students involved in the Dance and Drama group based their performance on the book, Heard it in the Playground. The students got into small groups of 3-6 people to perform a mini dance in the performance that they presented. The dances involved that of Gimme my Ball Back (Rhys, Jyzal, Mikayla, Cindy, Saga, Willow),
Limbo Rock (Nirvana, Michelle, Monique, Jyzal, Rhys, Tristan),
Tell Me Ma (Angelah, Paige M, Abi, Jane, Emma),
Walk of Life (Grace, Kian, Jo’don’tae, Genesis, Elizabeth, Phoenix),
Kiss Chace Kiss Chace (Phoenix, Ashlie, Ysabelle, Indiana, Hannah),
Doggie in the Playground (Noah, Melody, Tristan, Rhys)
and Schools out (everyone above).
dress rehearsal for fia fia night
With 2 terms and 3 weeks of practising for Fia Fia night, the Dance and Drama group had succeeded with perfecting their dances and lines for the performance.
dress rehearsal for fia fia night
The group are really excited about performing to the school and wider audience and having our parents and whanau along also.